4 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

We've taken tens of thousands of photos in our photo booth and there isn't one that depicts someone sad or bored. As soon as they see our photo booth, a line begins to form and the fun begins. If you need any more reasons why your wedding needs a photo booth, here are four more!

1. Favorite Favour of All. A personalized photo strip with your wedding date is the best thank you we can think of. Do your guests really need another shot glass? (...well maybe some of them do, but that's another blog post topic). Seriously, thank your guests for sharing in your momentous day with a photo that captures the fun, the joy, the goofiness that they experienced, hamming it up with props and genuine smiles.

2. Fun Factor. We're talking pure, contagious fun. As soon as our photo booth lights up, the line begins to form and the hilarity ensues. Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, but pretty much everyone will take a session at our photo booth. It's been the hit of every event we've been to, from babies to grandparents, everyone has fun.

3. Makin' Memories. When was the last time you held an actual photo in your hands? Sure, we can all take pix with our smartphones. But do you ever get them printed? There is something about the nostalgia of a photo booth and the fact that you receive an actual, physical photo strip. Why heck, your guests will probably even stick 'em on their fridge when they get home, or even place them in a frame! They will will easily remember how fun your wedding day was for years to come.

4. Digital Copies For You. Our photo booth saves each photo taken as an individual file. Before we leave your wedding, we'll hand you a USB drive with every single photo that our booth captured. After the honeymoon you can share these on social media, perhaps make some prints or use some for your next Christmas card.

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